Thursday, February 25, 2010

Open your EYES

I was reading an article about the close of NY Fashion Week. This will be the last Fashion Week in the tents at Bryant Park. I used to cover fashion week as a photographer, and all I could think was how glad that I WASN’T there this time, packed in with hundreds of other photographers, pushing, cussing, and jockeying for what is essentially the same shot. I remember after the initial excitement wore off, I couldn’t believe how these guys would elbow you to get the same picture every other photog was getting: A GIRL WALKING DOWN THE RUNWAY.

In the downtime between shows, I started looking through my outtakes, trying to find something different out of all the sameness. As the girls would get closer to the photography riser, the flashes would begin to make them blink, and you would get a few “blown” shots. I really liked these images the best and I started trying to get the blinks, and putting all these outtakes together.


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